The Heavenfield - Book Four

The fourth and final instalment of the Heavenfield story! Hailed as a 'Modern-day Classic of Science-Fiction', the Heavenfield is a dark science-fiction thriller set within a British experimental research facility, involving clandestine Government Agencies, Supernatural Forces, and Alternate Realities. The final part of the story sees the struggle over the Heavenfield escalate, until Grace Palmer and Thomas Sullivan are drawn back into danger. Nations clash, and supernatural forces march towards a battle that threatens to bring the world to the very brink of destruction. "A must for any sci-fi fan!" The sequel story, The Dead Man's Feast, is now available. Visit to find out more.
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The Heavenfield - Book Four

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Jul 22, 2015

The British forces at Maunsworth are concentrating upon building their fighting strength, in response, not only to the Exile cordon around their Entry-Point in the Field, but also towards the increasing political tensions with the Americans (whose policies are fuelled by Speers' paranoias).

Grace and Commander James face painful times as they interrogate their prisoner Alex, who reveals some disturbing facts about his past, and also warns of a terrible danger approaching Maunsworth.

Meanwhile, since returning from the Field, and his encounters with the Angel, Thomas Sullivan is finding himself increasingly assailed by visions and dreams which, while lending him a unique insight into the true nature of the Heavenfield, threaten to overwhelm him....

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